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  • What is Sneakers Are Art?
    Discover the intersection of footwear and artistry at Sneakers Are Art, an immersive festival celebrating the fusion of fashion and culture through sneakers.
  • What are event hours for Sneakers Are Art?
    Join us on Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Sunday from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Exclusive Access Pass holders gain entry one hour before the official opening.
  • How can I purchase tickets?
    To purchase passes to attend, visit and navigate to the Buy Tickets page.
  • What's the difference between General Access and Priority All-Access passes?
    General Access passes grant you access to the event, where you can enjoy entertainment, explore exhibitor booths and buy, sell, and trade your favorite sneakers. Premier All-Access passes provide additional perks including early entry along with exclusive access to the Gallery Walk and the Style Lounge to enjoy a carefully selected presentation of food and beverage items.
  • Are There Room Blocks for Out-of-Town Guests, Vendors, and Partners?
    Enjoy limited access to discounted accommodations at our partner hotel, catering to out-of-town Guests, Exhibiors and Partners.
  • Is Smoking Permitted at Sneakers Are Art?
    No, Sneakers Are Art is a smoke-free event.
  • Are Pets Allowed?
    Unfortunately, pets are not permitted within the event space.
  • Are There Health and Safety Requirements?
    Prioritize safety. If you're feeling unwell, take precautions to protect yourself and the community.
  • Are There ID Requirements or Age Limits?
    There are no specific ID requirements or age limits for entry.
  • Is there a shuttle to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the event?
    A shuttle isn't necessary because ease of access to Sneakers Are Art provides an enjoyable arrival experience no matter what transportation option you choose. Catch a Tesla and arrive in style via the Vegas Loop or pick up a car through ride share.
  • What's the dress code for the event?
    There's no strict dress code, but we encourage attendees to express their personal style, especially through their sneakers. Comfortable footwear is recommended as you'll be exploring the event for an extended period.
  • Can I bring my children to the event?
    Yes, the event is family-friendly.
  • Can I bring outside food and drinks?
    Outside food and drinks are not allowed. However, we'll have a variety of food and beverage option to enjoy.
  • How can I stay updated on event news and announcements?
    Follow our official social media accounts and subscribe to our newsletter at to receive the latest updates, Exhibitor highlights, and exclusive offers.
  • How many sneakers can I bring?
    Adhere to the rule: bring only what you can carry.
  • Can I buy tickets at the door?
    No need, buy from the convenience of your home or mobile phone.
  • Is Parking Available?
    Parking will be available at a cost of $10/day.
  • Can I Bring Chairs?
    Chairs are not allowed within the event space.
  • Is There a Coat Check?
    No coat check services will be available.
  • Can I Bring Dollies, Carts, Wagons, or Hand Trucks?
    Unfortunately, these items are not permitted. Instead, utilize our sneaker check service, which provides you with a bag and padlock for secured storage during the event and to carry your items home after.
  • Can I Sell Sneakers at Sneakers Are Art?
    Yes, exhibitors can buy, sell, or trade sneakers. However, vending and cart setups are exclusive to Exhibitors only.
  • Will There Be Food and Refreshments for Purchase?
    Indulge in tastefully curated food and beverage options available for purchase or as included for all Premier All-Access pass holders.
  • Can I shop for shoes at Sneakers Are Art?
    Yes! Buying, selling and trading your favorite sneakers is the heart of the festival.
  • Can I sell other sneaker-related merchandise besides sneakers?
    Absolutely! We encourage a diverse range of sneaker-related merchandise, including accessories, apparel, and sneaker care products.
  • What if I have purchase more sneakers that I can carry?
    Secure space and enclosed bag rentals will be available.
  • Are cameras and photography allowed?
    Yes, cameras and photography are allowed for personal use only (no commercial use permitted). However, please respect the privacy of others and refrain from taking photos without their consent.
  • Is There a Lost and Found?
    For lost items, reach out to security or event staff for assistance.
  • How do I become an Exhibitor at Sneakers Are Art?
    To become an Exhibitor, visit and navigate to the Exhibit page.
  • What are the benefits of being an exhibitor?
    Exhibit at Sneakers Are Art with ease, convenience and peace of mind. Visit to learn more.
  • Can I share my booth with a friend or partner?
    Yes, you can share a booth with a friend or partner. All Exhibitors receive multiple passes to share amongst friends and partners. Just make sure all individuals are registered with us.
  • Is Wi-Fi available for exhibitors?
    Yes, complimentary Wi-Fi will be available for Exhibitors to ensure smooth transactions and digital connectivity during the event.
  • What security measures are in place for Exhibitors' merchandise?
    We take security seriously. There will be a dedicated security presence on site, although we strongly encourage all Exhibitors take the necessary precautions to safeguard their merchandise. See your Exhibitor Agreement for complete details.
  • Is Electricity Provided at Booths?
    Electricity may be provided upon request. Refer to the Exhibitor guidelines for more details.
  • Are There Restrictions on Promotional Materials?
    Please review the exhibitor guidelines for information regarding promotional material restrictions.
  • Is There Anything I Should Know About load-in/out?
    Please refer to the exhibitor guidelines for load-in/out details.
  • Is signage permitted?
    We are all in on making this event a cohesive, organized and visually impressive scene. Part of this is maintaining a consistant look for the signage, so only signage provided by event management is permitted. Email for more information. .
  • Are There Any Exhibitor Display Regulations?
    Yes, we have specific regulations regarding booth displays. Please review the Exhibitor guidelines for detailed information. Email for more information.
  • How Can I Arrange Shipping for My Exhibitor display?
    Refer to the exhibitor guidelines for details about shipping arrangements for your booth materials. Email for more information.


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